Welcome to HK Trading

Hong Kong is a well-connected city between the Western and Asian World. Plenty of world-class business is done here with great success. It remains as an important gate that opens to the Asian markets. International corporations which are supplying the global market are also sourcing worldwide. In daily business, it is required to think on a global level in order to strategically strike the balance between quality and price. Since long time, Asian suppliers have been able to fulfill the needs of European markets. They produce under very high quality standards and distribute their products to the major players in the furniture and kitchen industry. However, the distance between Europe, especially Germany, the birthplace of the kitchen industry, and Asia is still significant. Communications and services are of paramount importance but never easy to be directed from Germany onto the Asian market.

The sourcing office of HK-Trading is located in the midst of Hong Kong, right at the harbour, and right in the heart of the city. From here with our presence, effective direct links to customers in Germany as well as to the Asian market, the manufacturers, and the wholesalers are established.

We speak your language, no matter in which of these two worlds, you are at home.